So. We came back to Athens. I went to sleep for ten hours (after having spent an hour saying hello to my computer – priorities are everything, right?), I dreamed a lot, and I woke up knowing I don’t want to be in Athens. I want to be in Exmouth, which felt like home, or London, which felt like an extension of home and where everyone made us feel very welcome and special. Life here suddenly seems grey, full of things to do and still somehow empty of meaning. Hard, too hard even, without a reason other than to pass the time. The good news is that we will move to Exmouth. The bad news is that it won’t be before July. Eight months to go. I think I’ll make an advent calendar – or just keep a diary.

On other news, a friend I know a little but like a lot is flying over the ocean to be with the girl he loves, and a boy who, for some rather obscure reasons, has a special place in my heart is starting a clubnight tonight. It all makes the day seem sweeter somehow.

Oh – and ‘How will he know (where my house is)’ is a song by the lovely Michaelmas. Well, we saw them play on Sunday evening and I thought they were lovely from the opening notes to the first song. There was something in their sound that instantly put a smile on my face, I’m not sure what it is but it has to do with them seeming to enjoy things – life, being there on stage, playing their instruments, singing their songs, the crowd – the way children would. Spontaneously, simply, without feeling the need to hold it back. The aforementioned boy, on the other hand, (who happened to be present) had seen them on Thursday and wasn’t very excited about the prospect of seeing them again. He made that much clear. Until sometime halfway through the second, or perhaps the third song, when he turned around to tell me “I told you they were good, didn’t I?”. Which probably made me dissolve into giggles. What can I do, that’s what I’m like.

I should get off the computer, and you should listen to ‘Winter starts today’.