Ehm. There’s nothing like a little break to induce writer’s block, is there? The list of unfinished (which means: just about started) drafts is getting longer by the day which in its turn only makes it harder to find something to say. I start wondering why I’d want to write this, or who would want to read that, or what really matters – naturally I get lost. But there are things that show me the way. So I wrote this today. It started as a definition of who I am and ended up more like… a declaration of faith, I suppose. I specialise in those. I like the way they sound – and I like to hear them. It also serves as is a semi-official introduction, I suppose. I’m not sure I was ready for that but then I feared I’d never be, and I impulsively jumped. So tomorrow –11th November– is not only the boyfriend’s nameday (they don’t really do namedays in the Netherlands, but we seem to be making our own tradition by mixing the best bits from everywhere we feel we belong to) but this blog’s christening too. Not in the name giving sense but in the “hello small world out there, here we are!” sort of sense.

By the way, how great is this phrase? How much does it say (to me) in these eight words? I’d write an essay on how it nearly is poetry and how the Budgies and the boyfriend share the credit of making it sound so but it is so late. So I’ll just say that.

Hello small world out there. Here I am.