You know, the reason I hate cleaning is that once I start doing it I always want to do just a little more, this thing and that, and oh, did you see, there’s a bit of fluff behind the door and some dust on top of the record player, and let’s just re-arrange this self too while we’re at it, shall we? And it goes on and on, until I am feeling exhausted and decide I hate cleaning. Until the next time that is. Which usually takes a while, since I have decided I hate it. And since it’s taken a while, there’s a lot to do – and did you hoover under the sofa?

But now our little house is rather clean and tidy, and the airport site says Jens’ flight is on time and we even have some time to get excited before setting off for the airport. It’s been a long, full day but rather enjoyable, despite (or, if I want to sound all grown-up and mature, even because) the two arguments we managed to sneak in.